Have you ever been on the top level of a six-story Mall and thought to yourself ‘gee, I wish there was some netting across the sheer drop on which I can jump and frolic’? Well, your prayers have been answered, because the fantastic City Square Mall in Singapore now offers a web of netting a across its atrium in which you can play. The attraction includes slides allowing you to access all levels of the Centre without the need for elevators or escalators! This is a completely new Mall experience.

The fantastic and eco-friendly City Square Mall

The Airzone team putting the suspended playground into place after-hours

City Square Mall is a new Shopping Centre in one of the most awesome Mall cities in the world - Singapore. It is another on a growing list of Malls which offer everything you could possibly need (not just shopping or movies) under one roof. The Mall offers a fantastic traditional Mall experience including almost 300 stores and all sorts of entertainment, but as you go beyond the shopping levels you hit things like pre-schools, music studios, martial arts gyms and even a language centre.

The eco-Mall is also the first in this magnificent city-state which has been awarded a Green Mark Platinum Award by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore. It is housed within a giant park called the City Green and has so many eco-friendly features - the elevators slow down and areas dim if they are not in use, curtains and blinds are employed to give maximum natural light, the Mall is completely insulated and solar fins on the roof put power back into the grid. Despite all of this, the air conditioning (including humidity control) is magnificent!

Airzone have many experiences installed across Singapore, but this is the first time they have set up in a Mall

Slides allow you to quickly move Mall levels!

Now, this futuristic Centre has just opened its very own Airzone suspended playground. All ages can play in the nets, suspended five stories in the air. Within the nets you will find a ball pit, 3D maze and the aforementioned slides allowing you to slide your way to whichever level takes your fancy. You can also just chill in the calm zone - this is by far the most appealing attraction because you get to lie face down directly over the shoppers on the bottom level. Quite a rush!

The entrance is located on the Mall's second level (Little India)

The attraction is suspended across the Mall's atrium

If you are feeling more active, there are areas in which you can play all sorts of games. The attraction, which occupies the Mall’s central atrium, starts at level two and goes all the way up to the top shopping level, where you will find one of the Centre’s excellent food courts.

However, if you are a tad squeamish about entering these precarious looking nets, you need not worry. Airzone has twenty-five years of experience in this sort of thing, using techniques employed by trapeze artists in circuses, and there is a team manning the experience at all times. They even brag that you can suspend a car from the anchors which hold the whole thing in place - whether you find this comforting or even more terrifying depends on your constitution! There is of course a limit of how many people can be in the nets at any one time - twenty per level.

An Airzone employee taking a rest during installation!

It is one serious sheer drop to the bottom level!

One note though - no funny business is tolerated in Airzone. If you try to flick anyone up into the air by bounding up and down, you will be out of there! There is really nothing like this playground experience in any Mall across the world. There are of course suspended playgrounds out there, but none jammed into a Shopping Centre atrium. We certainly believe that attractions like this will be popping up in Malls across the globe, especially since it takes no bespoke construction on the Mall’s part to accommodate the playpark. It is absolutely worth a visit to City Square Mall to check it out!

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