If you’re aware of YouTube star Jenna Marbles, you’re aware that she absolutely adores her dogs. Jenna Mourey (31) is one of the first wave of huge vloggers to hit it big on YouTube, with over 17 million subscribers and well over 2 billion channel views. This makes her the 28th most subscribed YouTube channel on the site. She has used a mixture of sharp wit, character skits and tongue-in-cheek ‘how-to’ make-up spoof videos to attract millions of fans. Over the years she has adopted three dogs - middle-child Kermit, elder Mr. Marbles and youngest addition Peach.

Jenna explaining her cunning plan

Kermit is the pooch chosen to visit Mall Santa!

She starts off the video with her boyfriend Julien Solomita (another big YouTuber) trying to decide which pup gets to go to the Mall and see Santa. Mr. Marbles is completely inappropriate in public and Peach is a bit of a whack job, so the natural choice was the docile and sweet Kermit the whippet. Kermit is far calmer than his rambunctious siblings and is a perfect Mall dog because he tends to stay in the exact spot you put him; this is especially the case when he is put into his little baby carrier - that tends to put him pretty much instantly to sleep.

So they took to the Mall, on this occasion it was the Westfield Galleria at Roseville on Galleria Boulevard, Los Angeles. It was quite hard to find the name of the Centre anywhere, no-one mentions it, but luckily a little diligent investigative work led us to the stunning Galleria Mall. This upscale Shopping Centre first opened in 2010 after five years of careful planning. It was incredibly successful, and became a staple Centre for local residents. Suddenly, one morning in 2010, a fire was lit in the Gamestop store and the resulting blaze damaged a significant portion of the Centre. Luckily the community came together and on October 6th 2011 the Mall reopened, bigger and better-looking than ever.

We get to catch a glimpse of the stunning Westfield Galleria at Roseville

We got to see a few glimpses of the dual level, South Los Angeles Shopping Centre before the family spots Santa, surrounded by giant baubles, outside the large Macy’s department store and go to get their picture taken. The Santa was more than happy to let Kermit sit with him and Jenna as the photographer snapped away. Even though Kermit is not one to overtly show any signs of emotion, he was clearly happy and buzzing after he got to speak with the big man himself!

After the meet and greet, we got to see a bit more of this lovely Mall as Jenna and Julien wandered around. They get stopped on multiple occasions by people who find the adorable Kermit too much to resist. Another chance meeting saw a little kid, dubbed ‘Joey Vlogz’, after the name of his YouTube channel, bump into the family, where they had a little chat. Incredibly, Joey went from 185 subscribers to almost 100,000 after the Jenna Marbles vlog was uploaded. Such is the power of a YouTube shoutout from a big YouTuber!

Mall Santa was happy to meet adorable Kermit and get his picture taken with him!

Kermit is not one to show emotion, but he was clearly loving the whole experience!

Funnily enough, a little while before Jenna and Kermit visited the Galleria at Roseville, another famous YouTuber, Shane Dawson, had already filmed a vlog in the Mall where he takes his fake son Christmas shopping. They even visit the exact same Mall Santa whom Kermit got to meet! Los Angeles Malls always get plenty of airtime due to their prime location. That said, we don’t believe this Mall has had the opportunity to star in any big movies as of yet, but considering how photogenic it is, we are sure it won’t be long before it’s scouted!

The whole video is just painfully adorable; Kermit has such a lovely temperament and Jenna is as funny and sharp as ever. We also see them donning face masks because the episode was filmed in the midst of massive wildfires which were sweeping through Los Angeles at the time. If you get a chance, you can check out the video below; we also suggest you have a look at some of her other videos, they are great! Of course, if you do find yourself near Roseville, definitely check out the Galleria, it is the quintessential American Mall.

Check out the whole video here:

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