Welcome to part four of our series on legendary Mall-based Canadian cartoon ‘6teen’, which focusses on a group of young Mall employees and Mall enthusiasts set entirely in a massive Shopping Mall. In this episode, titled ‘A Lime to Party’, Wyatt is madly in love and Jonesy gets his third (yes third) Mall job, only this time he steps on the toes of fellow Mallrat Caitlin and her job as a giant lemon! We’ll see how this Mall drama plays itself out.

The show opens with Jonesy talking with Wyatt about a great party he went to the previous night, Wyatt having missed it because of his infatuation with the new love of his life Serena. While the pair are chatting, Nikki and Jude appear and notice a life-sized standee of punk-rock band ‘The Weasels’, who are in town performing. Jude worships the group and Nikki is in love with every single member. Nikki demonstrates this love by revealing that she camped out in the Mall for two months in order to get her hands on concert tickets.

Jude worshipping a Mall standee of The Weasels

Nikki also loves the band!

While Wyatt is in love with Serena, Jonesy has a thing for Charmaine, an employee at the Mall’s cafe and the reason why Jonesy now drinks coffee. He has lost his old Mall job as a Mall security guard and his mission today in the Mall is to find something new. Things are going well with his courtship with Charmaine until buddy Wyatt reveals Jonesy to be broke, unemployed and a liar! This makes Jonesy all the more determined to acquire that perfect Mall job.

Back at the food court the once spoilt rich-girl Caitlin, who must now work hard to earn a living after her father cut her off, is coming to terms with her new broke reality. Her credit card is dead and the new fall fashion lines have come out. So obsessed is she, that Caitlin begins ignoring customers and has still not even learned how to order lemons or turn the blender on - kind of important skills for someone who works at a lemonade and smoothie stand!

Serena - the love of Wyatt's life! Some of the best relationships start in a Mall

A distracted Caitlin checking out catalogues instead of serving customers

Cut to the Mall’s music store and Jude is taking full advantage of the listening station (who remembers those?) and jamming to some weasels until someone switches his punk-rock for some delightful elevator muzak. This sudden shift in genre renders Jude all but insane as he curls up into a little ball on the floor. It turns out the culprit is snarky Nikki who is letting Jude know that it is bad Mall etiquette to hog the station. Those are the unwritten Mall rules!

Wyatt, who works at the CD store, reveals to Jude and Nikki that he has two backstage passes to the weasel’s concert. The pair soon begin to suck up to Wyatt big-time in a desperate attempt to obtain his spare ticket. They turn attention to each other in an attempt to prove who is the biggest fan, Nikki using her chain-tethered wallet (who remembers THOSE?) full of Weasels photographs to put an end to any doubt. Wyatt has seen the evidence but needs some time to deliberate.

Jude hogging that once-great Mall institution - the listening station!

The Party Lime is the latest addition to the Mall food court

After being stuck for a while inside her giant lemon, which jammed shut after a slight malfunction, Caitlin finally gets free and notices a strange new object in the food court - a giant lime. As the lime opens we see Jonesy standing, sombrero’d and proud, in his brand new and exotic ‘Party Lime’ juice stand. At first Caitlin is excited to have a friend working just opposite her in the Mall food court, but it quickly dawns that this new giant citrus fruit may spell the end of her employment.

Nikki, blind bored at work at the khaki store, notices that Jude has left his post at the corndog stand and is buying coffee. This strikes her as odd, considering that Jude is already far too wired to become a coffee drinker. It soon becomes apparent that Jude is buying coffee to take to Wyatt in an attempt to gain Wyatt’s favour for backstage passes. Nikki realises the game is on and declares war with Jude, and takes to doing all of Wyatt’s jobs at the music store.

Completely unaware of the consequences, Caitlin joins in on the lime-based fun...

Until her boss finds out!

When the owner of the lemonade stand comes to check up on Caitlin, he notices that the lemon is abandoned and the new lime stand is doing a roaring trade. He is not pleased and sets out to find the missing Caitlin. When he finds her wearing a sombrero and leading a Mall food court conga with Jonesy and his customers, boss-man threatens her with a grave promise: if she doesn’t get the lemon selling juice again, he will move it to the - gulp - the nearby East End Strip Mall. Have mercy!

Out of sheer desperation, and with Jen’s less-than-stellar help, Caitlin decides she will go with a Christmas theme in an attempt to entice people away from the lime-based fiesta going on. |In the middle of July. Needless to say, it is a massive failure and even the entire gang (minus a busy Jonesy) hanging around the lemon wearing Santa hats during their lunch breaks can’t get anyone excited; and when the gang sneak off to party with the lime, Caitlin truly hits rock bottom, something noticed by even the most insensitive Jonesy, who had no idea what was going on at the Big Squeeze.

Caitlin seeking comfort after hearing she may end up working in a Strip Mall

Caitlin is hoping that a theme will help revive business. 'Christmas' was a bad choice!

Jonesy, being noble for once, decides to come to the aide of Caitlin, starting with some home truths, namely that her drinks suck (turns out her lemonade was, well, lemon juice and nothing else). Meanwhile, Nikki believes she has found the key to getting Wyatt’s spare backstage pass - get Wyatt Serena, and she gets the pass! She pretends to be interested in Wyatt and lets Serena know about it, thus making Wyatt irresistible.

While Caitlin is perfecting her lemonade recipe (i.e. adding sugar!), Jonesy sets about putting the lime out of business by offering the entire food court free drinks. This sets off a party the likes the Mall has never seen, which of course gets out of hand and results in the lime being rolled across the court, flattening Jonesy. When he comes to, his boss is standing over him demanding an explanation. Needless to say, Jonesy loses Mall job number three, thus ensuring the survival of the lemon.

Jonesy losing yet another Mall job. At least this time the reasons are noble

Wyatt handing over his backstage passes to new squeeze Serena, much to Jude and Nikki's dismay

Thus balance is returned to the Mall. Well, there is still the matter of the Weasels. Nikki and Jude soon realise that there is one thing which usurps the bro-code or the friends first credo, as Nikki’s hookup plan backfires horribly and Wyatt hands over his spare backstage pass to the love of his life, Serena. The first response is wanting to see the blood of Wyatt spilled over the Mall, but when they hear Serena call him ‘baby’, they are just happy to see a friend get his girl. Aww!

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